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When you climb up the steep, winding road to an altitude of over 600m, you will be astonished. In fact, the Banjšice Plateau is a world in itself. The altitude of the highest part of the karst plateau is 1071m. Although there is no running water here, it is full of caves and ravines as well as a lot of karst phenomena. Each year, the annual traditional Mowing Festival enlivens the atmosphere. Alongside the well-maintained road, beautifully winding through the pastures and forests, you can see cows lying lazily in the grass and other animals enjoying the unspoiled nature. When you meet the horses grazing on the vast pastures, time slows down. Just what you on your long-awaited holiday!




The Banjšice Plateau (also known as the Dinaric Plateau), lies in the western part of Slovenia, between the Čepovan Valley, in the lower reaches of the Idrijca River, and the Soča River, between Most na Soči and Nova Gorica. It is only 45 minutes from the Adriatic Sea. Banjšice is located in the heartland of the Banjšice Plateau and consist of 16 small villages: Lohke, Buciki, Humarji, Ošlakarji, Rob, Luže, Mrcinje, Draga, Podgrič, Trušnje, Podlešče, Raven, Breg, Krvavec, Kuščarji and Mokrini. 

Spending a holiday here can be much more than simply relaxing and enjoying the local delicacies – those who like being active can try the following activities: RIDING, CYCLING, HIKING, ADRENALINE QUAD BIKE RIDES...

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